The most effective tool for product teams to capture actionable insights from beta testers and easily incorporate their feedback into future builds via deep GitHub integration.

We help product teams capture actionable insights from users in a simple visual manner and collect data about technical, design and usability aspects of newly developed features. Our software organizes valuable user feedback into collaborative conversations and offers product managers a mechanism to create, assign and label GitHub issues for their team without leaving our app.

Free your inbox and keep feedback from beta testers organized in our project-based conversations. Collaborate with your team and discuss issues with beta testers without leaving the app.

Manage beta testers easily and allow testing without a need to create accounts. An easy-to-use Chrome extension for submitting feedback can be installed on-the-fly when new testers are invited to your projects.

Easily integrate feedback from beta testers into product development cycles using our deep GitHub integration that allows you to create, assign, and label GitHub issues without leaving BetaLoop.